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Cleaning and Sealing

Have you ever wondered how your driveways and footpaths got so dirty and grimy in the first place? It’s all down to the fact that moss, dust, mould, dirt and debris grips on to the rough surface of the paver or concrete. Even if you have glossy bricks or pavers, they have a relatively porous surface with lots of places for mess to settle in. The solution is footpath or driveway sealing. Filling in the gaps with a virtually invisible seal means the surface gets less dirty, and is much easier to clean.

After having those paving and concrete areas cleaned by our service consultant, Rapid Pressure Cleaning recommend that you seal the area. It will enhance the colours and look whilst protecting against further damage or stains. All those green and grey looking bricks will look fresh and new again. It is especially effective on stone pavers and concrete surfaces where dirt looks almost ingrained.

We offer different solutions for different types of surfaces; our knowledgeable team can take care of everything from sandstone sealing to tile sealing. The results are effective months to come, and will dramatically cut down your outdoor maintenance time. This service is great all year round, but is a must-do in autumn right before Sydney weather leads to moss and mould growth.