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Retaining Walls Sydney

Retaining walls are structures designed to restrain soil to unnatural slopes. They are used to bound soils between two different elevations often in areas of terrain possessing undesirable slopes or in areas where the landscape needs to be shaped severely and engineered for more specific purposes.

Our retaining walls Sydney solutions will help you level many sloping blocks, whether in your backyard, outdoor living area or industrial area. This can be a discreet retaining wall or a feature wall that can add style and character to your outdoor space.

There is a wide range of options when choosing a retaining walls Sydney products, from brick and block walls, which can be rendered or clad with a feature stone, to interlocking block walls.

There are many reasons you might choose to use a retaining wall. One of the most common is when a property has a slope or challenging layout. In these situations a retaining wall can help you to increase the usable space by creating more levelled areas.

Retaining walls Sydney can also help with drainage issues. Our experienced team of structural landscaping professionals can advise on the excavation and building process that will channel water away from your house.

Why choose Saad’s Paving to build your retaining wall?

We design your retaining wall to perfectly suit your space and ensure the job is done right. Many other retaining walls Sydney contractors lack the experience that the Saad’s Paving team can boast. With over 10 years experience in structural landscaping, we have the runs on the board and build retaining walls that last! We ensure you receive the highest standard of workmanship, delivered on time and within budget.

Types of Retaining Walls

Below are some of the materials and retaining wall build styles that Saad’s Paving offer. The selection is not limited to but does include:
– Sandstone blocks
– Core filled blocks
– Concrete sleepers
– Link blocks
– Wooden sleepers
– Gravity Walls
– Cantilevered Walls

Saad’s Paving team will ensure to provide you with the right solution to meet your needs and budget.